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Whether you need help with Annual Accounts, Tax Returns, VAT, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Tax Planning, or Business Advisory, we're here to help.

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A Chartered Certified Accounting firm

Ahsan&Co is a London based independent firm of chartered certified accountants offering comprehensive range of accountancy, tax, and business advisory services. Ahsan & co is your trusted financial advisor; our motto is to maximise your financial potentials.  

We understand

the critical importance of accuracy and professionalism in delivering reliable financial information and exceptional service to our clients. Our primary aim is to help our clients meet their legal obligations of doing business in the United Kingdom and helping businesses to realise their potential. Professionalism in accounting encompasses building trust with clients, solving problems, adhering to ethical behaviour and maintain confidentiality. Contact us today to know more about our services. 

Ahsan&CO  is monitored and regulated by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

What is the basic accounting for partnership?
Partnership accounting is the same as accounting for a proprietorship except there are separate capital and drawing accounts for each partner. The fundamental accounting equation (Assets = Liabilities + Owner’s Equity) remains unchanged except that total owners’ equity is the sum of the partners’ capital accounts.
What are the accounting methods for partnerships?

There are three methods that can be used to account for a new partner joining the partnership: these are the exact method, the bonus method, and the goodwill method. Exact Accounting Method: Under this method, the investment made by the new partner equals the book value of the capital interest that they have purchased.

Does a partnership need an accountant?

Before you enter a partnership (or, after) you need to talk to an accountant about the tax and business effects of a partnership. If your business is a partnership, you should be aware of the tax issues and requirements relating to partnerships.

What does an accountant do for a sole trader?

As well as preparing your annual tax return, an accountant can support you across a variety of services that go beyond compliance, including: Strategic advice and guidance to see where your business is headed. Ensuring that the structure of a sole trader business is right for you

What accounts does a sole trader need?

Sole traders do not have to file accounts with a public body (like Companies House for limited companies). However, they should prepare a balance sheet and profit & loss account each year. Maintaining proper records enables you to manage your business, but also provides an audit trail for tax purposes.

Do I need an accountant for LTD?

While there is no legal requirement for limited companies to use an accountant there are many benefits in doing so, such as completing your annual accounts and company tax return. They can also take care of tax registration for new companies.

What are the example of accounting services?

Accounting services include tax preparation and counseling, as well as tracking spending and earnings. Accounting is concerned with preserving accurate financial records and implementing effective recordkeeping systems.

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We are an independent firm of chartered certified accountants offering a comprehensive range of accountancy, tax, and business advisory services.

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